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Dating quest xp zone zip

Dating quest xp zone zip

Many players feel it's easier with single right click to add or remove quests. Quest turn-in: Automatically complete turn-in quests such as the once in AV that you have to turn in one by one.

When you right click on the NPC to turn in quest, FQ will click "Continue" and "Complete Quest" buttons for you, but will stop to let you pick reward if choice is given. Notification Sound: The addon will play a sound to notify you one of your quest is completed all target objectives have been achieved.

The sound now is customizable. Disabled Features Below features have been temporary disabled due to WoW recently has modified the mechanism to display the quest details in QuestLog window and WatchFrame. Quests in WatchFrame are displayed in color that is based on difficulty.

There are now over 20 shades of colors from bright green to bright red that are used to denote quest and monster difficulty. Quest that would be come trivial next level is highlighted giving you chance to complete it while it still yields exp. You will not see the quest completion information from NPC.

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