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Originally Posted by Fascadale a slow morning at work so thoughts turn to summer sailing If all goes to plan I hope to be setting off in mid July from the Isle of Man to La Corunna. I hope to do this passage non stop.

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The rhum line for this almost passes through the Scilly Isles. It has been suggested that it is more sensible to keep going west around the south east coast of Ireland to about 9W and then to sail south.

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I have also been told to steer to the west of Spain before committing to closing with the coast. All this optimistically assumes the cooperation of the weather.

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I've done the direct track Scillies to La Coruna twice and dating ireland kings avatar on the way back - it crosses the shipping lanes at a slight angle, so you will spend at least 24 hours with big ships in sight constantly, but they are pretty much all on an almost paralell track so it is not frightening - rather, it gives something to entertain you during the long night watches.

The only time I would bother with making extra westing is if I suspected bad weather early in the trip and wanted to get 'off the shelf' quickly. Even in moderate weather the area where the continental shelf drops off into the abyss can have big, confused seas.

On the way back from Spain inas the water shallowed at the banks marked Haut Fonds de la Chapelle the beam seas became steep and vicious even though we only had 14 knots of wind, and at one point a four foot wall of breaking water suddenly manifested itself and threw the boat over far enough to cause minor mayhem down below.

If freak waves can appear in a nice sailing breeze then it is clear that above this underwater cliff edge is no place to be in any serious weather.

Going fmr the Sciollies means you will be at sea 5 days or less. IMO the secret is not to put yourself under any pressure and if you have time wait patiently for a good 5-day forecast then go for it.

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If the weather pattern is 'busy' thennit is worth leaving on the tail end of bad weather knowing you have an improving forecast. La Coruna is a fanatastic city.

Enjoy your trip, I'm jealous. PM me for tapas recommendations.

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