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For much of the early 20th century, Japan had exercised effective control of Manchuria, initially through the terms of the Twenty-one Demands… The first United Front was begun in The alliance was held together by the personal prestige of Sun.

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Finally, in MarchChiang Kai-shek Jiang Jieshiwho had been made commander in chief of the KMT dating options united front, expelled the communists from positions of high leadership. A short time later, Chiang began his Northern Expedition to eliminate the powerful provincial warlords among whom the country was divided.

The Northern Expedition met with success, and, as a result, Chiang gained the support of financial circles in Shanghai and of a number of warlords, whose armies were incorporated into his.

In April Chiang began a bloody purge of all communists in areas under his control. The communist labour movement, which had been instrumental in aiding Chiang in the capture of the large South China cities, was almost entirely destroyed.

In July they dissolved their alliance, officially ending the first United Front. However, under continued pressure from KMT troops, the communists embarked on the Long March — They eventually reached northwestern China, which was dating options united front to the area that by then was occupied by Japanese troops.

Led by Mao Zedongthe communists responded to the growing anti-Japanese sentiment of their countrymen by calling on the KMT to join with them in expelling the Japanese. In the fighting against the Japanese, however, the regular KMT armies either were crushed or were ordered to retreat.

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Afraid of high casualty rates, Chiang pulled his best troops off the front lines as early as Communist guerrillas, who mobilized the population front the Japanese lines, soon became the only forces still fighting the Japanese. Worried about the resulting growth in communist strength, the KMT began to use their troops to blockade communist positions, several times even fighting against them.

The United Front, however, continued officially untilwhen, at the end of World War IItalks on unification between the two sides broke down, and a full-scale civil war ensued between the communists and the KMT. Learn More in these related Britannica articles:.

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