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Dating tv shows zero x reader

Dating tv shows zero x reader

Avoid "heavy" skins and lots of "service" type add-ons that run in the background.

Turn off RSS feeds and any scrolling text options for your skin. Use an SD card with good rewrite speeds.

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For more information about SD card speeds, read this excellent thread on the R-Pi forum. If you do use wifi, use a wifi adapter that contains two antennae internal or external that advertises " Mbps".

Dating tv shows zero x reader

Otherwise, stick to wired ethernet, local USB drives, or ethernet-over-power devices like Homeplug. Try mounting network shares through OS rather than Kodi. This allows more tweaking of filesystem options, like chosing UDP and larger block sizes.

Most Pi's can handle a significant overclock, as long as they have a good power supply. There is no universal setting that will work for everyone except for the default speed that you get without overclocking. Try various overclocking settings and run Kodi for a while to see if it's stable.

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If one group of overclocking settings causes crashes, try a group of lower settings. You can still overclock the Pi 2 if you really want to, but for most users it makes little difference.

Dating tv shows zero x reader

By default, "Extract thumbnail and video information" in Media Video Settings is disabled on the Pi, improving browsing performance. For smoother video playback, enable "Adjust display refresh rate" in playback settings When using dvdplayer, "Sync playback to display" for sync method are recommended; see playback settings.

Dating tv shows zero x reader

Make sure the video is using H. Just remember that these builds can often be unstable! For locally connected drives containing videos and music, the filesystem can have an impact on read and write speeds.

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NTFS for example tends to be much slower on any Linux-based system than the more native ext2, ext3, etc. Local libraries typically don't need this as their images are cached when videos are scanned in. Using MySQL can improve performance as the database queries are handled by another machine.

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Organizing your movies in single folders for each movie, rather than all movies in one folder, is recommended. The individual folders reduce the time it takes for Kodi to look for supporting media like external subtitles, which makes browsing, scanning and starting playback a little faster. You might also want to consider pre-scraping the meta data using a Library manager to reduce the time it takes to scan in both movies and TV shows.

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