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Medical services The role of a medical provider Medical practitioners are responsible for the overall management of a worker's treatment and play an important role in the recovery and return to work process. All statutory claims involve working with the treating medical practitioner, the worker, rehabilitation coordinator or employer, allied health providers and all other stakeholders.

Organising treatment remains the responsibility of the treating medical practitioner. We rely on the medical information you provide us to develop a tailored rehabilitation program to help the worker get back to work after an injury.

Work capacity certificates If a worker says their injury was caused by work, you need to complete a work capacity certificate. This is a legal document used by Queensland's workers' compensation insurers to help determine and dating scan qld a claim. This work capacity certificate tells us: if the patient has a work related injury what their capacity for work is what we can pay for for example lost wages, doctors fees, hospital, or rehabilitation interventions how long we can pay the worker.

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As medical provider, the best way to support a worker's return to work is by focusing on what functions they can do, rather than what they can't. If we know what they can do, we can develop a suitable duties plan, if necessary find a host employer, and get the worker back to work and on the road to recovery.

Follow these principles to help the worker return to work as quickly and safely as possible: Assess the worker's condition and communicate to them the importance of staying active and, if possible, at work to restore function and decrease disability or long periods of time off work.

Research shows that when a person is off dating scan qld for long periods of time, the less likely they are to return. Provide relevant medical treatment, identify any risks that may hinder their recovery or return to work, and set realistic treatment goals that focus on what the worker can do, not what they can't.

Encourage, where appropriate, the worker to self-manage.

Identify suitable datings scan qld and possible workplace adjustments. Sample work capacity certificates and other information about completing work capacity certificates available on the certificates page. Doctors should call the Regulator on to inquire about the electronic version of the certificate or to request more work capacity certificates.

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WorkCover accepts work capacity medical certificates issued at the time of a consultation i. Submit a work capacity certificate or medical report online.

Medical providers and return to dating scan qld Getting back to work is an important step in recovering from a work-related injury and it can be a difficult and emotional journey for a worker. It's important for you to explain to the worker what is needed for them to return to work and to listen to any concerns they may have about rehabilitation. Doctors who communicate with the worker, employer, WorkCover and other allied health providers make a positive difference to the rehabilitation process.

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You can also visit the worker's workplace as part of their dating scan qld management plan, which is billable under the workers' compensation system. What we pay WorkCover will pay for services outlined in the table of costs and only cover costs associated with the accepted work-related injury.

If we do not accept a claim, the patient is responsible for any costs.

Guidelines If you arrange further dating scan qld investigations, forward a copy of the results to WorkCover. MRI scans can only be referred by specialists, or by Medical Practitioners when certain clinical indicators exist. See the latest Medicare Benefits Schedule for more information on these clinical indicators.

Outside of these indicators, a specialist needs to complete the MRI referral forms for any urgent referrals. You need prior approval for private hospitalisation. We may arrange for additional medical guidance from our Medical Advisory Panel MAP or an independent medical examination. As the treating doctor, you will be advised if these opinions are being sought and of any recommendations.

Medical reports To help make a decision on or manage a claim, WorkCover may request a medical report from you.


We use these reports to learn more about the 'injury' and the worker's condition. Medical reports need to be clear, informative and received as quickly as possible. We will ask questions about: the worker's incapacity any injury management to date circumstances surrounding the 'event' causing the injury the dating scan qld worker will give the examining doctor an account of how the injury occurred previous or similar injuries when and how a worker can return to work if relevant, any potential permanent impairment from the injury.

You'll receive a report request from us with specific questions.

All requested reports are paid in line with the medical table of costs and are potentially subject to release in accordance with our privacy policy.


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