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Dating a shy woman reddit

Dating a shy woman reddit

Dating in Norway: the Strangest things only Norwegian men say

By Margaret Wheeler Johnson Sept 18 "There is no such thing as a shy woman, or, at all events, I have never come across one. Jerome, who wrote those words inhad no idea what he was talking about.

Dating a shy woman reddit

When Reddit user zag09 posted the question Monday, "What makes a person shy? Most of those contributing seemed to be straight men, but shy women who do, in fact, exist also struggle with being the person who doesn't speak first, doesn't want to be the center of attention and doesn't connect easily with strangers.

It can make dating more difficult. Meeting people in bars?

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Really, really difficult. The hardest part of all can be that some people never understand — and constantly try to fix you.

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To keep the conversation going, Bustle invited readers to share the things no one should say to a reserved woman. Here's what they came up with — plus a few suggestions from us.

It's unlikely to help you actually connect with anyone. Also, way to make a person feel like you only want to hang with her if she's wasted.

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And while we're on the subject of those proverbial shells shy people are said to be in, she's a person, not a tortoise. There is no shell, just a way of interacting that's different from yours.

Dating a shy woman reddit

Clearly the reason you are not speaking is that you intended to be rude. In fact, your goal for the evening was to offend everyone in the room if possible.

Does she know you at all? The people worth knowing won't mind taking time to get to know you, and they'll value what they find when they do. I find that so rude" - PR2Politics If you say this to a shy woman, she will tweet about how rude you are. Image: Trazomfreak on Flickr.

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