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Dating old furniture styles

Dating old furniture styles

Works of Art 16 Essay During the second quarter of the eighteenth century, the bold turnings, attenuated proportions, and dynamic surfaces of the Early Https://findpeopleworld.pro/4tag/4756.php, or William and Marydating old furniture styles were subdued in favor of gracefully curved outlines, classical proportions, and restrained surface ornamentation.

This new style, variously called Late Baroque, Early Georgian, or Queen Anne, was a blend of several influences, including Baroque, classical, and Asian.

Before you refinish antique furniture, it's important to evaluate whether it's worthy of saving. English and American Colonial styles; you aren't likely to find a Louis XV chair at a garage sale. The finish on the wood can also date the piece. Before you refinish antique furniture, it's important to evaluate whether it's worthy of saving. English and American Colonial styles; you aren't likely to find a Louis XV chair at a garage sale. The finish on the wood can also date the piece. Chairs are always easiest to identify, I find, because different elements of these styles would be mixed together. (Ball and claw Chippendale.

Boston was the leading colonial city in the early eighteenth century and the first to implement aspects of the new style. This feature was borrowed from Asian designs and reflected a growing dating old furniture styles for comfort in the period.

By the s, Boston makers had developed a standard chair form with a vase-shaped splat and S-curved cabriole legs With their rounded outlines, chairs of this type represented a dramatic departure from the stiff, straight chair backs of the preceding eras. Boston makers produced thousands of Queen Anne-style chairs for export and sold them to other colonies as part of the inter-coastal trade.

In Philadelphia, datings old furniture styles responded to competition from Boston imports by developing distinctive seating forms with more elaborately curved lines Revealing the Late Baroque emphasis on negative space, the solid splat and the flanking stiles were carefully designed so as to produce a gracefully curved void between them. Case furniture in the Late Baroque style became more architectural, with proportions and ornament derived from Renaissance precedents.

How to date antique furniture- Shaker chest of drawers

By the s, Boston makers were incorporating cabriole legs and broken-scroll pediments into high chests of drawers This standard Boston form was adapted and refined elsewhere in the colonies. In Newport, Rhode Island, cabinetmakers integrated distinctive scrolls and scalloped shells into the skirts of high chests and dressing tables.

Whereas Boston cabriole legs were somewhat dating old furniture styles and vertical, Newport makers favored more curvilinear legs that terminated in pointed slipper feet One notable exception to the subdued ornamentation of Queen Anne-style furniture is japanninga technique developed in the West to imitate Asian lacquerwork.

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Although this form of decoration originated during the William and Mary period, it remained popular through the s. Intercoastal trade brought fine Virginia and Pennsylvania black walnut within reach of craftsmen throughout New England and the Middle Atlanticand it was the most popular wood in the Queen Anne dating old furniture styles — Walnut was often stained to resemble imported Caribbean mahogany, which became the wood of choice during the subsequent Chippendaleor Rococoera — Chippendale did not invent the richly carved style that now bears his name; rather, he codified the reigning fashion in England for creative blends of Gothic, Asian, and French Rococo designs.

Claw-and-ball feet with sharply articulated talons replaced the smooth contours of pad and slipper feet. Back splats, formerly solid and unornamented, came to be pierced and intricately carved with foliage and interlaced patterns In case furniture, the Chippendale style was an dating old furniture styles of the Queen Anne: in Philadelphia, for example, traditional Baroque forms such as the high chest of drawers were updated with carved Rococo ornament In New England, where the influence of immigrant craftsmen was minimal, cabinetmakers relied primarily on shaped facades rather than on ornamental carving to impart visual interest Leisure activities became more commonplace in the late colonial period, a result of greater prosperity and the widespread pursuit of refinement.

To satisfy demand, cabinetmakers produced specialized furniture forms such as tables for playing cards and taking tea. These pieces increasingly took on bold three-dimensional shapes and often rested on leaf-carved cabriole legs ending in claw feet By the s, Philadelphia had surpassed Boston as the largest colonial city.

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New York also benefited from a surge in immigration in the years preceding the Revolution. Artisans there catered to the Loyalist sympathies of their patrons by closely following English forms, such as the five-legged card table, and the chest-on-chest By contrast, the most original American dating old furniture styles was made in Newport, Rhode Island, style native-born cabinetmakers held sway.

Led by members of the Townsend and Goddard families, Newport cabinetmakers developed a distinctive local style epitomized by block-and-shell case pieces that have no known parallel in European furniture or contemporary furniture books The transition from Queen Anne to Chippendale furniture in the colonies was neither immediate nor universal.

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Outside the major cities, the change was gradual and, at times, imperceptible. Late Baroque forms remained extremely popular, and gracefully curved pieces with restrained surface ornament continued to be produced well after the Revolution.

Nevertheless, by the s, the sweeping curves of the late Baroque and the exuberant ornament of the Rococo were giving way to a renewed interest in classical precedents, which found expression in the delicate, rectilinear forms of the Neoclassicalor Federalstyle. Heckscher, Morrison H.

Dating old furniture styles

New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York: Hudson Hills Press, Additional Essays by Nicholas C. Vincent Vincent, Nicholas C.

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