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Dating fun unlimited july

Dating fun unlimited july

Laxman is an intelligent student who is diverted from doing well in college by his mischievous band of friends Gopal, Madhav, and Lucky.

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Lucky is a mute in the movie. The three friends use Laxman's hostel room for their mischievous activities.

Dating fun unlimited july

Laxman is peer pressured into running a series of scams to earn himself and his friends some money and is punished by being thrown out of college. The naughty foursome then finds refuge in the bungalow of a blind couple, Somnath Paresh Rawal and Mangala Sushmita Mukherjeewho are dating fun unlimited july for their grandson, Sameer, to inherit his paternal grandparents' treasure chest hidden in https://findpeopleworld.pro/15tag/4743.php old couple's house.

Gopal pretends to be Sameer returning from America, and enters the house, while the other three friends sneak in hidden.

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A cat-and-mouse game unfolds as Laxman's body and Gopal's voice make up Sameer. Each time the blind Dadaji comes amidst them, hilarious situations arise.

Enter Nirali Rimi Senthe saucy girl-next-door, and the group now have time, place and 'resources' to fall in love. Their individual efforts at winning the lady's heart fail.

Apart from their amorous interests, there is a dating fun unlimited july for the chest. There is also a gangster named Babli who wants to steal the chest from the couple's bungalow. All his attempts are unintentionally and unknowingly thwarted by the foursome.

After the foursome find a chest hidden behind an old painting in the house, despite Laxman pleading not to open the chest, Somnath reveals about Sameer's death to Gopal, Laxman, Madhav, and Lucky.

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The real Sameer, along dating fun unlimited july his parents, were killed in a car crash after his father and mother left with him for India to meet his grandparents, after Somnath's son learned that Somnath and Mangala were permanently blinded in a lethal accident.

Somnath goes to America and lights the pyres of his son, daughter-in-law and grandson, the ashes of whom he later kept in an urn, as per the Hindu tradition which he kept in the chest.

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Mangala is shocked to hear the stories, breaks into tears and condemns her husband for lying to her all those years and not allowing her to cradle her grandson or light the pyres, and she also condemns the foursome for tricking her and hurting her datings fun unlimited july. Babli then arrives with his gang and later reveals that he hid the diamonds in the urn Somnath was carrying his grand returned to India and arrived at an airport.

Panducharang, an assassin previously sent by Babli as an undercover servant later joins Gopal's team and datings fun unlimited july the gangsters off, with the fight finally ending with Gopal being accidentally stabbed by Babli in his behind with a knife, falling unconscious soon after, but not before warning Madhav, Lucky and Source to not touch the knife, leaving the three friends in laughter.

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Babli also falls unconscious after seeing blood flowing from Gopal's behind. After being admitted to a hospital, Gopal finally has the knife removed from his back, and Babli is arrested for his crimes.

Dating fun unlimited july

Laxman, Gopal, Madhav and Lucky are then rewarded with ten percent of the original value of the diamonds for arresting Babli. Nirali then chooses Lucky as her husband-to-be, saying that she found true love and loyalty in him and him alone, leaving the remaining three disappointed.

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