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Carbon dating oldest civilization

Carbon dating oldest civilization

Experts have used scientific dating techniques to verify the historical chronology of ancient Egypt. Radiocarbon dating was used to show that the chronology of Egypt's Old, Middle and New Kingdoms is indeed accurate. Radiocarbon dating of ancient Egyptian objects is nothing new. As Timothy Revell reports for the New Scientist, carbon dating of an ancient text called the Bakhshali manuscript has bumped zero's origin story. Evidence of an ancient “lost river civilisation” has been uncovered off the west “ The carbon dating of BC obtained for the wooden piece.

The site was discovered by NIOT while they performed routine pollution studies using sonar, and was described as an area of regularly spaced geometric structures. In his announcement, Joshi represented the site as an urban settlement that pre-dates the Indus Valley Civilization.

Scientific Proofs of Vedic Life

Furthermore, the Indus civilization port Lothal is located at the head, Gulf of Khambhat. Among the artifacts recovered were a piece of wood, pottery shards, weathered stones initially described as hand tools, fossilized bones, and a tooth.

During these excavations, NIOT reported finding two paleochannels flanked by rectangular and square basement-like features. Artifacts were recovered by means of dredging, including pottery sherds, microlithswattle and daub remains, and hearth materials. These artifacts were sent for dating at the laboratories of Manipur University and Oxford University.

The wattle and daub remains are composed of locally available clay, reed, husk, pottery pieces, and pieces of fresh water shell. The wattle and daub also shows evidence of partial burning.

Techniques used during this investigation include bathymetry surveysub-bottom survey, side-scan surveyand magnetic survey. One of the major findings from this investigation concerns the orientation of sand ripples at the site.

NIOT researchers claim that there are two sets of civilizations visible at the carbon dating oldest One set is a natural feature formed by tidal currents, whilst they say the other set has formed in relation to underlying structural features.

Agrawalchairman of the Paleoclimate Group and founder of Carbon testing facilities in India stated in an article in Frontline Magazine that the piece was dated twice, at separate laboratories.

Agrawal argues that the wood piece is a common find, given that 20, years ago the Arabian Sea was meters lower than its carbon dating oldest civilization level, and that the gradual sea level rise submerged entire forests.

It is disputed that many of the items that have been identified as artifacts by the NIOT investigators are actually man-made. Instead their artificial nature is contested and they are argued to be stones of natural origin.

The reported shards have simple rims with small incised lines. All of the pottery fragments found so far are small or miniature shards. In addition, their small size also raises the possibility that the carbon dating oldest civilization shards have been transported from elsewhere by local, strong tidal currents.

But if the pottery is genuine, researchers say it should show some similarities to Harappan pottery, which is typically red and black and stamped with seals.

Based on the current pottery collection, a stylistic continuity of Harappan civilization isn't evident. The small size of the artifact collection makes it difficult to analyse the pottery conclusively. The area is very tectonically active today, and several faults can be found in the gulf.

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Periodic earthquakes also occur here. Because of the tectonic activity and strong currents, these archeologists claim that there is not sufficient stratification to be sure the recovered artifacts can be associated with the site.

Carbon dating oldest civilization

This method might allow errant artefacts to be collected along with those that actually correlate with the site. Analysing stratification is virtually impossible with this method as well.

"Carbon dates" actually show pyramids are OLDER than "they" say: RENOVATED, for 10,000 years?

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